Welcome to This Vast Life! 

Welcome to This Vast Life, a personal blog about living naturally and sustainably. 


The best way to tell you what this blog is about is to tell you about me, so keep reading!

About Robin


I care about people and the planet.


Raised by two transplants to Kentucky, my home has always been with my family. My mom was a wildlife biologist until she began homeschooling my younger sister and me. She taught us how to garden, problem-solve and jerry-rig (along with, you know, math and history). My dad is an economics professor, and he showed us the importance of education, knowledge and early mornings. Hence, why I got up at 6 am and read the Wall Street Journal as a 10 year old.

The nurturing of my family, a bit of my own nature and the grace of God has made me everything I am today.

I began mixing up DIY skincare concoctions at an early age, and I was raised to recycle, compost, and generally do eco-and-budget-friendly things. Everyone else in my family began adopting minimalism long before me, but I'm getting there.

As I graduated college and began life on my own, I combined my experiences and habits with knowledge about what's in our products and the impact our lives have on the planet. Now, I pursue a 'low-waste' lifestyle with as many natural alternatives as possible.

BUT the thing I care most about is people. They are the only thing more eternal than the planet.

Why This Vast Life? 


The dictionary defines vast as "of very great extent or quantity; immense."  

My personal motto is 'life is vast.' It is a reminder that the little things that cause stress or worry are only tiny drops in the vast ocean of life. Life is so much bigger than this moment or this day; I am defined by so much more than this one choice or this one mistake. 

Truly believing in and living a vast life removes the pressure and anxiety to make every second perfect. This life is vast, and the immensity of it alone is what makes it beautiful.  


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Hi, I'm Robin!

Welcome to This Vast Life, a personal blog about living naturally and holistically. This encompasses everything from healthy recipes and skincare DIYs to sustainability practices, mental wellness and general life  updates.



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