This vast life begins.

Good morning!

Today is the beginning of This Vast Life.

For those of you who faithfully read my former blog, An Ocean Dream, thank you. That was my first try at blogging, and This Vast Life is the fresh start.

If you are completely new, welcome!

The title 'This Vast Life' comes from the personal motto I've held for years. 'Life is vast' is what I would remind myself as I faced hard choices or regret over lost opportunities or mistakes. 'Life is vast' is what I whispered as I stood on the edge of the ocean or the canyon or the forest as I traveled. 'Life is vast' became the guiding phrase of my actions and still is today.

This Vast Life is a space to celebrate the immensity of life. From writing and essays to travel features to documents of everyday life, the goal is to be an empowerment to others to cast aside the small worries and stand in awe of the vastness of all this world and this life has to offer.

Here is some of what to expect on This Vast Life:

- Writing (essays, thoughts and reflections, guest posts, etc)

- Travel (features and photos of travels stateside and abroad)

- Recipes (smoothie bowls, gluten-free, vegan, brunch and more)

- Natural Living DIYs (essential oils, holistic healing, natural skincare)

The launch of This Vast Life has come right at a time when I need that reminder the most.

I have been home for summer break and away from my routine of classes, work, friends and meetings. When given too much silence, unfortunately my mind quickly fills it with loud thoughts, analyzing little things and turning small decisions and inconsequential mistakes into life-altering choices that I should regret. And yet in the stillness is also the reminder that this vast life will continue on. I can wake up tomorrow and be consumed with the same thoughts, or I can breathe and remember that this vast life will continue on.

Thanks for reading!


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Hi, I'm Robin!

Welcome to This Vast Life, my journey to living naturally and holistically. 



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