A Day in Marion, KY

Marion, Kentucky is home to the largest Amish community in the state, making it a great day trip for restful adventure.

Located just south of the Ohio river, Marion boasts rolling hills, pastures and countless farms.

Last weekend my mom and I set out on our seasonal trip to Marion. Here are the places we always make sure to stop at:

The Trading Post

Our first stop was this Amish health food store. Owned by Betty Yoder, this has been our main source of health foods, supplements, essential oils and holistic health knowledge for years. She is a fount of knowledge, and we have tried her remedies for everything from ear aches to infected wounds (and successfully at that). If you are looking for hard-to-find natural products (like Earthpaste or liquid aminos), need to buy in bulk or simply want to learn more about living a more natural lifestyle, The Trading Post should be your first stop.

Stutzmans Bakery and Produce

This small Amish bakery offers delicious fried pies, if you're lucky enough to get there before they sell out. On the weekends, they sell pepperoni and cheese rolls, and if you time your visit right, they will be hot out of the oven. They also make donuts and bread and sell seasonal fruit.

Family Foods

This scratch and dent store is where I stock up on my boxes of gluten-free mac n' cheese and baking mixes, looking past the slightly beat up boxes at the extremely lowered price. Another Amish-owned shop, this grocery offers specialty food items that are mislabeled, dented or overstocked.

Yoder's Furniture and Variety Store

From beautiful handmade furniture to bulk goods such as flour, oatmeal and spices, Yoder's offers a little bit of everything to Amish and English alike.

Vegetable and Farm Stands

These stands are common in Marion and offer fresh vegetables and fruit, birdhouses, hand-crafted goods and more. One time a farm was selling baby ducklings for $5. I was, of course, strongly advised against getting a pet duck. One day, little duckling.

Downtown Marion

Though small, Marion has a quaint main street worth strolling through, from a welcoming visitor center staff to shops and cafes.

Find a map of Marion and all of these locations here.

If you're in the Western Kentucky or Southern Illinois region, spend an afternoon exploring Marion!

Have you ever been to Marion? What is your favorite place to visit in Kentucky?


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