How to hit the ground running

Last week, I left for school so I could move into my new apartment, meet with professors, advisors and bosses, attend trainings and lead orientations. Add in seeing friends and, you know, classes actually starting, my schedule was full. I had to hit the ground running.

Coming back from a break that consisted of mostly work, Netflix and my family can make it hard to jump back into a busy routine, especially with a short transition time. Here are some tips of how to hit the ground running, whether it’s a new school year, a new job or any other change in life!

1. Write out what you have to do

Lists are your friends. Planners are your friends. Write down the starting times of everything or the schedule you set for yourself, and stick to it. Make lists of every single detail that needs to be done for each thing and cross it off as it is accomplished. This helps organize a busy mind and assures that nothing gets forgotten.

2. Don’t waste time.

For a few days or a week, push through. Log out of Netflix and put away your napping pillow. Down time is fun, but you can better enjoy it later if you started strong at the beginning.

3. Ask for help.

Don’t start a pattern of overwhelming yourself with things to do because you didn’t ask others to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for direction or help when getting started; just be sure to return the favor later.

4. Breathe.

Changes and transitions are hard, and it won't be perfect. Give yourself grace if you mess up, and don't forget to laugh at yourself. I accidentally left all my sheets, work shirts and a bridesmaid dress at home five hours away. I forgot to order dinner for a meeting I was leading. I didn't unpack my room until the morning before my roommate moved in. Life is vast, and it will go on whether you hit the ground running or not (it might just be a bit easier if you do ;)


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