My journey to a natural lifestyle

An introduction to why and how I treat my health holistically

When I was a little girl, I would make concoctions such as tinctures for coughs made from dissolved candies and mud masks literally made from dirt. Thankfully, I grew older and became more informed. Knowing my interest in natural skincare, my parents signed me up for an essential oils class at Heath Health Foods. There, I was introduced to the idea of turning to natural alternatives first.

A few years later, this made a much larger impact on my life than just using tea tree oil for acne. For a year in high school, I was prescribed a series of antidepressants as treatment for anxiety. Some worked, but as the dosages grew stronger, so did the side effects. I went back to Heath Health Foods, where the homeopathic practitioner recommended a routine of probiotics and herbal supplements, paired with diet changes. Her suggestions closely followed research my counselor told me about – an imbalance of good bacteria in the gut can affect serotonin re-uptake in the brain.

Following that appointment, I quit taking my prescription medication and began an all-natural regimen.

Now, over four years later, this holistic approach to my well-being has spread into every area of my life. This idea – treating your body as a whole object, rather than fragmented parts – influences so many of the choices I make, from the toothpaste I buy to the treatments I use when I have a cold.

For the last four years, I have continued to follow a gluten-free diet and use essential oils. I strive to eat whole foods, and in 2016, I stopped drinking soda completely. When I am stressed or anxious, I understand that a large part of how I feel is under my control. Going to yoga class or talking with a friend will help me; bingeing on sugar in front of the TV will not.

Through all of this, I have found that a holistic lifestyle does not require a cabinet of oils or a certain diet. It simply requires ownership of your health. Perhaps that headache is caused by dehydration and the stress from lack of sleep. Perhaps back pain is due to lack of exercise and how you feel is affected by what you eat. Instead of covering problems with quick fixes found in coffee or bright colored-pills, truly healing bodies takes hard work in every area.

Now, I am known for using essential oils and drinking smoothies. I continue to learn more about homeopathic alternatives, and I continue to replace products and practices in my life for ones that are better for my complete well-being.

If you are interested in learning more or have questions about my journey to a natural lifestyle, please message me or email! Keep following along on This Vast Life to learn more about all the things I do as part of my natural lifestyle (including using dirt to brush my teeth).

*Disclaimer: I believe that we were given nature, but I also believe that we were given brains to innovate. I still go to a medical doctor, take medicine when necessary and understand the value of a modern medicine. The lifestyle I practice is what I know is personally best for me, but maybe not everyone.

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Hi, I'm Robin!

Welcome to This Vast Life, my journey to living naturally and holistically. 



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