Going back to Greece

I’m traveling back to Greece this summer!

A last-minute decision to travel to Greece three years ago has shaped so much of my life now. In July 2016, a friend and I traveled to Athens to work with the Salvation Army. I returned to Greece with a team in March 2017 to serve in a refugee camp and in May 2018 to work with different organizations, including Community House Damaris, a safe house for trafficked refugee women.


Now, I work at GO InterNational, a missions organization that collaborates with national leaders across the world to fulfill the Great Commission.

I will be leading a team to Athens in May to help create a children’s program at an Arabic church. We will remodel the space and work with the children in addition to volunteering at Community House Damaris.

Then in July, I will take a team to Lesbos to serve in Moria, the largest refugee camp on the island, one that is often compared to a prison. We will do relief work such as food and clothing distribution with EuroRelief.

There are many opinions around short-term mission trips, and I understand the danger of poorly executed service. Yet GO InterNational seeks to meet needs across the world as identified by local and indigenous leaders. How international ministry is done is changing and improving thanks to advances such as technology and communication that allows us to better understand other cultures before we even step on a plane. At GO, we travel where we are invited, and we seek to serve and teach in sustainable ways.

And what is the cost of perspective?

Working with refugees in Greece has influenced how I react and talk about current events regarding borders and immigration. It has fostered compassion over fear and hatred. It has made me an advocate for those fleeing oppression across the world, and I encourage others to do the same. We have seen these short trips lead to commitments to be a full-time missionary.

I am excited to return to Greece and to lead others into this new perspective.

If you would like to learn more or talk about Greece, missions or the refugee crisis, contact me! If you are interested in joining an upcoming team or learning more about GO InterNational, please visit gointernational.org.

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